Raiders Fight To The Finish

November 5, 2023

Few things in life are certain, but as sure as the seasons change, high school football will be played again next fall. Goals will be set, practices will commence, and South Point football will begin again. The notable difference will be the new leaders that don the red helmets and are charged with carrying forward a proud tradition. In the post-game huddle at Statesville, Coach consoled his players and reminded them that "football is hard." His statement was accurate on a level that extends beyond the physical nature of the sport. Football demands strength, agility, focus, and many other qualities that will exhaust a body. Every team that began the 2023 season will see that season come to an end. Even those few that hoist a trophy will soon after recognize that there are no more practices, no more locker room speeches, and no more Friday night battles in which they proudly represent their schools and communities. At least not with the band of brothers with which they've had the pleasure to do so this year. And so it is that football also teaches some painful lessons. No matter the program, every team can be remembered for their character and the traits they possessed. And with that in mind, the reflection cast by the 2023 Red Raiders will be of a team that was forced to fight through adversity, perhaps more than any other in recent history. This group was a young team that battled injuries but never gave in to any opponent. The size of the mountain did not matter because the size of their heart assured them it could be moved. This group didn't look back, they looked forward and faced every challenge with an attitude that kept the South Point Football tradition on solid ground, a long-standing tradition of doing things the right way. It hurts that a season comes to an end for a group that, for the way they fought through challenges, was so deserving of greater recognition. A trophy will not be added to the case this year, but something of more value has been won. These players will forever be linked to South Point football. And they will forever be linked to one another, someday to fondly reflect on some of the best days of their lives, in which they battled side-by-side as a team. A true Red Raider TEAM.

We express our gratitude to the Seniors who led by example, carrying forth the attitude of determination that sustains the South Point program. Thank you, Dawson Tobin, Ashton Green, Harrison McKinney, Javonte Lowery, Caiden Schievert, Colby Hamilton, and Isaiah Zapata. Your drive kept our tradition strong and set an example for the leaders that will follow. Thank you, Mason Harris, Winter Kincaid, Johnny Armstrong, Hudson Spargo, Qamari Smith, and Kaleb Toms. Your efforts reflected what is necessary to maintain the high standard of Red Raider football. And thank you Thien Nguyen, Donovan Haley, Kameran Adams, Logan Jarrell, Josh Robinson, and Charlie Birtwistle. Your work ethic perfectly aligned with the expectation that a player does everything possible to make our program the envy of others. These players did what was asked of them, placing the needs of the team above their own personal wants. Their attitudes perfectly described what it means to be a true teammate.

The 2023 season has ended for South Point football, far sooner than was deserved. But this team has forged a bond that will not be broken. And we will always be proud of how they represented South Point. They proved beyond all doubt that the Big Red never goes down without a fight. South Point will always do things the right way. South Point will always do things the "Red" way!

Go Get 'Em, Red!

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